Amazing! As of 2007, the US is considered canine rabies free. This really is amazing!

“The elimination of canine rabies in the United States represents one of the major public health success stories in the last 50 years,” stated Dr. Charles Rupprecht, Chief of the CDC Rabies Program.

Says Dr. Rupprecht. “Our public health infrastructure, including our quarantine stations, local animal control programs, veterinarians, and clinicians all play a vital role in preserving the canine-rabies-free status in the US.”

“TheĀ elimination of dog-to-dog transmission of rabies does not mean that people in the US can stop vaccinating their pets against rabies,” warns Rupprecht. “Rabies is ever-present in wildlife and can be transmitted to dogs or other pets. We need to stay vigilant.”

Bats are especially potential carriers of rabies. They are a cool animal, but be wary of them. Read my next blog!

Canine rabies free, kinda cool. Something of which to be proud.