When Snoopy decided to get down from his chair, we decided to go for a walk. We wanted new sights, new sounds, new smells. The local San Jose parks are great so we went to explore yet another dog-friendly, San Jose locale –the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens. And what a great walk we had! We encountered other leashed dogs, manicured grass, unmanicured meadow, path after path, one central hill, picnic tables and benches, garbage cans for doggy waste and more.  It was perfect in sight, sound and smell… a lovely place for a San Jose Dog Walker and her dog.

The park comprises 2.6 miles of pathway, is home to 3700 varieties of roses plus a Community Garden and offers information and education on drought-tolerant landscaping.  I wonder if the Conservancy offers information on dog-friendly, drought landscaping? That, now, would be the ultimate in dog-friendliness!! For dogs who visit the Guadalupe Park, there is plenty of open space with engaging animal life to see, sniff and be teased by; a grand place in San Jose for a dog to take his / her Dog Walker!

The link to the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy is: www.grpg.org.